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Individuals accused of their second, third or fourth driving under influence (DUI), known also as driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense are generally familiar with the seriousness of their charges. They have already faced their first offense, which can involve the loss of driving privileges, payment of fines and court costs, public service and attendance in remedial courses in alcohol and drinking. Second offenses can lead to mandatory jail time, the loss of driving privileges for multiple years, 60 to 120 hours of public service, and up to $1,500 in fines. Consequences increase even more with third and fourth offenses.

At the law office of Prendergast & Associates, P.C., Link to Home Page we are prepared to help you face your challenges. We have helped hundreds of people accused of DWI and DUI offenses, and we understand the many factors that can lead to this violation. Our job is to use our experience, knowledge and dedication to minimize the impact of these charges so that you are able continue with your life.

Competent and Comprehensive DWI and DUI Offender and Repeat Offender Criminal Defense.

We offer a comprehensive approach to multiple offense DUI offender defense. A frequent option is to push the courts to allow time for entrance to a drinking and driving class or rehabilitation program that 1) helps people change behaviors and 2) demonstrates an effort to halt violations, allowing the court to show leniency.

Programs and courses of action include residential rehabilitation, AA classes, individual therapy, daily reporting of blood or breath tests and random monitoring. Programs are often paid for by employers. As you move from the district attorney to the probation officer to the judge, we can work with you to complete the steps that show you are working to prevent future offenses and to make a positive change. Effective treatment is always preferable to punishment.

If you are accused of a DUI, call us for a free initial consultation before you speak to the police. We will explain your options, possible defenses, options for improving your standing with the court, and potential penalties and punishment. Do not face the criminal justice system alone.

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