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Whether in a rural environment or a sprawling urban environment, one fact remains constant — Americans are dependent on their cars. Because we are so dependent on cars, the suspension of a driver's license can have serious repercussions. At the law office of Prendergast & Associates, P.C., we make it our business to maximize your chances of retaining your driving privileges upon charges of drunk driving, DUI and DWAI.

Know Your Deadlines So You Can Meet Them. Know Your Possible License Suspension Penalties So You Can Fight Them.

If you have been charged with DUI or DWAI, you are most likely in immediate danger of losing your driving privileges. It is important that you are aware of the deadlines following your charges.

If you took a breath test at the time of your charges, you should have been handed a yellow document at the time. If you took a blood test, you should receive a document in the mail. You have SEVEN days to request a hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), from either the time the document was handed to you or the day it was MAILED (not the day you received it!) If you miss this deadline, your license will be automatically suspended.

Other license suspension times are:

  • Three-month automatic suspension if you fail a breath test
  • One-year automatic suspension for a second DUI/DWI offense
  • Two-year automatic suspension for a second DUI/DWI offense with an already suspended license
  • One-year automatic suspension for repeat offenders who refuse to take an alcohol test even if they are not convicted of DUI
  • Two-year automatic suspension for repeat offenders who refuse to take an alcohol test if they are convicted of DUI

We Are Experienced in Fighting License Suspension Legal Penalties for DUI/DWI Charges.

If you face the possible suspension of your driving privileges, call us immediately. We are skilled and experienced in defending against your DUI/DWI charges, whether you face your first offense or repeat offense. Driving privileges are imperative to many people holding many employment positions; if you are a realtor, sales representative, corporate executive or other professional who works in the Denver metropolitan area, your job and even career could be at stake.

We can fight your charges and, if necessary, argue for leniency. Your past history and willingness to enter voluntary programs can often persuade courts to grant lenient sentences. We can also argue for work permits, "red licenses" and other programs which allow you to drive to and from work or school and for other “work-related” purposes.

If you face driver's license revocation or suspension, call us for a free initial consultation, before you speak to the police or prosecutor. We will explain your options, possible defenses, options for improving your standing with the court, and potential penalties and punishment. If we represent you, we will fight aggressively for your rights. Do not face the criminal justice system alone.

We are experienced with all matters of complex criminal law.

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