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Have you been pulled over? Charged with a crime? Accused by a spouse of violence or threats? Arrested? Do you fear jail time or face high fines or the possible loss of custody or visitation rights? Have you been caught with drugs in your pocket? Have you already spent a night in jail?

At the law office of Prendergast & Associates, P.C., we understand your concerns, know your rights, and can quickly and effectively plan and execute your defense. Our small and efficient attorney team Link to Attorney Profiles Page has years of experience in defending people accused of criminal violations in the Littleton and Denver areas.

Attorneys With a Proven Record of Effective Criminal Defense in Littleton, Colorado.

If you face criminal charges, you are not alone. Thousands of people have entered our office since 1983 facing charges similar to the charges you are facing now. We have helped these individuals, and we can help you.

We commit ourselves fully to each case we defend, from DUI/DWAI charges and white collar crimes to domestic violence and sexual assault. We will work with expert witnesses in financial, forensic, psychology and other experts to defend your rights and freedom.

In addition to the hands-on legal work we've provided to numerous Colorado defendants, our background and involvement in criminal defense enhances our abilities to defend people against criminal charges. Our attorney team speaks at criminal defense courses and lectures to law students, judges and fellow attorneys. We also publish articles in state legal defense journals. We are dedicated to using our experience and knowledge to fully investigate your charges, present your case in the best possible light, and aggressively fight for your rights.

If you face criminal charges, call us for a free initial consultation before you speak to the police, if possible. After you speak with us, you will have a fuller understanding of your options, possible defense, and potential penalties and punishment.

Now is not the time to gamble with your rights. Your freedom, record, rights and reputation may be at stake. Do not face the criminal justice system alone.

We are experienced in all matters of complex criminal law.

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